Benefits of becoming a client

When you become a client of you will be able to benefit from a wide range of services, including:

Regular Business Reviews

These reviews should take place twice a year; ideally towards the end of the first quarter and just prior to the beginning of the last quarter of your business year. This will allow identification of any challenges or issues that arise and if there is any specific action that needs to take place. Your business will benefit immediately for its current tax year. Reviews also allow you to recognise changes and whether these are of significance or not. This can be especially true of marketing strategies and direct costs.

Waiting for your accounts to be produced and then find out you could have “done something about it” is too late: If only you knew in advance!

Regular Client Reviews

Personal circumstances can change at any time. These may or may not have a significant impact on your financial plans. Lifeline does not charge an hourly rate for reviews and there is no time limit on phone calls or reviews. Legislation changes can also have an impact on personal circumstances. Regular reviews will enable these changes to be monitored and if any action need to be taken there is time to complete prior to the end of the tax year.

Expert Pro-Active Investment Management

Investment funds fall and rise for many reasons. They do not however fall and rise at the most convenient time i.e. when a review is due. Lifeline believe’s clients should benefit from active management of investment funds throughout the year and not just at review time. Pennine Wealth Solutions is a discretionary fund service only available to select clients. This provides pro-active management of investments at all risk levels so that funds in investments are regularly reviewed and changed as markets rise and fall.

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