Independent Financial Advice

This is the process of making a specific recommendation for a regulated financial product. Lifeline has expertise in the following areas:

  • Personal, Family and Business Protection
  • Wealth Management
  • Pension and Retirement Planning
  • Pension and Retirement Options
  • Tax planning and mitigation
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Advice on Final Salary Pensions and Transfers

Personal, Family and Business Protection

This can mean a number of things. Imagine its you that has had an accident or been “written off” and not your car. You may have comprehensive car insurance, protected no-claims bonus and you may even have legal protection. It is, after all, illegal not to have insurance if you have a car. Even your house needs insurance if you have a mortgage.

Ask yourself two questions

What is more important to you: your car or your Business and Family?

What will happen to them if it is not the car that is written off but you?

Protection products include

  • Business protection
  • Partnership Protection
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Keyman protection
  • Loan protection
  • Family protection

Wealth Management

This includes:

  • Unit trusts and OEICS (Open Ended Investment Companies)
  • Onshore investment Bonds
  • Off Shore Investment funds
  • Commercial Property Ownership
  • Equity Investments

Pensions and Retirement

This includes:

  • Personal Pensions
  • Group Pensions
  • Contracting out Pensions
  • Money Purchase Pensions
  • Executive Pensions
  • Self Invested Personal Pensions
  • Small Self Administered Pension schemes
  • Pension strategies for tax and exit planning

Retirement Benefits

This includes advice on all aspects see our free guide on  Retirement Options

  • Phased retirement
  • Annuities and Impaired annuities
  • Unsecured Pension income
  • Use of Tax free cash

Investment Management

Many clients have said pensions are rubbish or my investment is very poor or why should I invest if my money falls in value.

There is a difference between the product and the investment chosen.

Lifeline believes that as far as is possible, its role, when giving independent financial advice is to recommend the most suitable product. The choice of investments within that product is what determines the success of failure of the process.

There are different ways your money can be managed when it is invested:

Passive Management

Here an investment is left to grow with little interference. It may be made up of a diverse range of assets or may follow an index such as the FTSE. It will rise and fall as the fund it is invested in changes value. Such funds are generally available at low cost. Some are low risk others higher risk. The insurance company will not choose the funds and it will not change the funds as markets change.

Adviser Managed Portfolios

This is a more active managed process. A portfolio of funds may be selected by the financial adviser following detailed discussions with the client. The aim would be to increase growth over and above Passive managed portfolios.

Such a process should be reviewed on an annual or biannual basis. Timing of the reivews is based on convenient dates between the adviser and you the client. It may not be related to market conditions. This service would be more expensive than Passive Management but may not guarantee better performance.

Discretionary Managed Portfolios

Here the management expertise of selecting where to invest is passed to a portfolio manager via a discretionary managed service. The selection of investments is generally more diverse and the timing of investments is at the discretion of the portfolio manager, based upon market conditions and not when it is a convenient date for a review. The role of the financial adviser would be in the choice of the portfolio manager and making sure the portfolio selected continues to meet your objectives.

Traditionally discretionary managed portfolios have been only available for higher valued investments and not for Mr and Mrs Average.

Lifeline is able to offer the highly rated services of a discretionary fund manager at low cost via Pennine Wealth Solutions Service.

Pennine Wealth Solutions

Key Benefits:

Each portfolio is managed uniquely to provide growth or income according with a defined profile of risk. Risk is the exposure to loss of capital and ranges Cautious to Adventurous.

The portfolios are managed by Liotrust and headed by fund manager John Husslebee. John has been rated by Trustnet as a Trustnet Alpha Manager for his consistent performance. For more information please

For more information on Pennine Wealth solutions and how this may suit your individual circumstances please contact Simon Panton on 01204572697.

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