Independent Cashflow Planning

Cashflow Planning involves two processes, knowing what cash is coming in, what cash is going out and being able to plan for it. If only it were that simple!

Our challenge is ‘change’ gets in the way. We have to pay tax. Sources of income change through time, circumstances change, expenses go up and inflation eats away at what we do have.

Savings and investments may have been built up but then may fall and rarely are they structured to meet specific cashflow needs. Similarly, assets we build up may not be owned in the most appropriate way. Lifeline ensures cashflow is managed for clients to meet their objectives and not hinder them.

Business owners have additional challenges in managing cashflow. For one thing we have to find customers and when we have found them try and keep them. Customers and Markets are constantly changing, sometimes very subtly and this can have a devastating impact on cashflow. One day business owners may need to be financially independent of their business. Lifeline aims to support owners of businesses control cashflow to meet the needs of the business as well as the personal needs of the client.

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